Niagara: A Fascinating Tale!

Full disclosure that the author is my cousin. But that’s what makes it even more remarkable. I just love her new book! And not just because I’m fascinated by the history of Niagara Falls. The book is a true thriller! In this podcast, Linda Grace discusses her new book “Niagara” (here’s the related Amazon page & the Facebook page), including:

– What was your motivation for writing the book?
– Even though I’ve been a regular visitor to Niagara my entire life, I learned so much history. How do you know all that?
– Is all that history in the book actually true?
– Part of the history tour focuses on Native Americans. That’s an approach that is probably novel for many out there – but yet, it’s such a rich vein to educate. What led you to include those storylines?
– The book is so much more than just a historical tour of the area. It’s got romance, mystery, mystical, slice of life and more. It’s an emotional whirlwind. Was it always your intention to cover so much ground?
– Is the main protagonist drawn from your life at all?
– Any plans to write another book?

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