Life as a Corporate Lawyer

Brink Dickerson of Troutman Sanders in Atlanta is truly a big legal mind. He literally towers over me! With over 30 years of practice under his belt, Brink is one of those rare lawyers who really cares about the profession – and takes the time to consider what might be a better way to do it. This is always the case, whether he is helping a client draft their SEC disclosures – or he is mulling over a SEC rule proposal & how might the proposal best be tweaked.

A member of the advisory board for, Brink is constantly feeding me new ideas or ways to approach an issue that is vexing our corporate law community. To put it mildly, Brink loves the challenges in drafting. One of the foremost experts in MD&A, Brink takes the time to draft his law firm memos so that they are easy to understand – but yet very practical.

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