State of Auditing

Lynn Turner is a giant in the auditing profession who has worn an incredible number of hats. He has served in the National office of a Big auditing firm; been a CFO, was the Chief Accountant for the SEC during a key period when the agency pushed through a number of auditing profession reforms; helped draft Sarbanes-Oxley; helped to found the proxy advisor Glass Lewis. And now, Lynn teaches and serves on the Colorado pension fund board.

Lynn is not afraid to speak his mind. His remarks are always aimed at “doing the right thing.” He cares about the auditing profession – and he cares about investors of all sizes.

For the past 15 years, Lynn has spent time with his true love, teaching. Not only does he love to mentor many journalists – as he is always available to help explain the nuances of a situation – he has taught accounting for half a career at Colorado State University.

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